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The Story of Wrapture Masks

Disposable masks are so 2019

We had no plans to ever be in the mask business, but we knew in early 2020 that we needed to make a safe, stigma-free mask for Americans who would be required to wear them.

Around April people began to realize that disposable face masks weren't going to cut it for daily use and began to purchase more fashionable fabric masks... But do those masks shield you from harmful microbes the way medical masks can?

What makes Wrapture Masks different

We’ve developed a mask that doesn’t look like a medical mask but has near-medical grade protection, is comfortable (ours actually fit), doesn’t need an added filter, and most importantly, is completely machine washable and eco-friendly.

We coated a breathable, but very rugged, outside layer with an antimicrobial substance and combined it with an inside layer of electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber (the same material in... well, we can't say, but Google it) and a moisture-wicking coat. We then built in a pliable layer above the bridge of the nose so both the top and bottom of the mask would create a secure "seal".

Check out this video of Darwyn (yes, that's his name) explaining more:

Ninja tested, doctor approved

We've tested Wrapure Masks with police officers, doctors, landscapers, and everyday people, and the feedback is that it's the best face mask out there for all-day wear.

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Disclaimer: these should not be used as medical masks.

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